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Wool: The Graphic Novel

Wool: The Graphic Novel (Kindle Serial) - Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Hugh Howey, Jimmy Broxton

Title: Wool: the Graphic Novel
Author: Hugh Howey, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray
Illustrator: Jimmy Broxton
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If you just want a quick post apocalyptic read in comic format, then this your (graphic) novel. The artwork is well done, and there is a story within the pages. However, please take my (and other reviewer's) advice and read the novels first.

There is nothing wrong with Wool The Graphic Novel, but it is a VERY watered down six comic recap of the first FIVE NOVELS in the amazing Wool series by Hugh Howey. You do get a feel for the people living inside the silo individually, but I feel like some of what was missing was the interpersonal relationships between people. Also missing was some explanation as to how the silo actually ran, what roles people partook in. I remember thinking in the novels that the system ran really well, that everyone worked together. But I didn't get that same sense here.

There was a lot of stuff mentioned in passing that was never fully explained and I feel like there was an expectation of assumed prior knowledge, as if the author expected that people would have read the novels first. As a result, someone new to the Wool universe would have a hard time with this graphic novel.

That said, the artwork was well done, it was visually pleasing. Although, I must admit that the visuals on the page looked nothing like how I had imagined it all.

I'm giving the Graphic Novel 3 stars, as its a great introduction to the wool universe, but only if you don't mind spoiling yourself completely for the first series of novels!

2015 Reading Challenges!

So, last year I tried to participate in a few reading challenges from around the internet. I think there was a read x number of translated novels, and x novels about villains/superheros and um.. working on the Masters of SciFi list. Yeah. I failed to complete any of them. I win at in-completion!


I did however manage to read 50 books over the year, which was my goal. And by "books" I mean, novels and graphic novels. And by "over the year" I mean in the first six months. I don't know what happened there. I had an awesome start, made it to about 40 books by the end of May. And then... nothing. Not another one until late November. And then it was just graphic novels in a desperate attempt to make it to 50. But the important thing, and the thing that I am trying to remind myself about, is that I did actually read. I did achieve a goal.


So anyway, as I am a sucker for challenges, I am going to once again set myself some to try for the new year. 2015. I am 90% sure I will fail at completing any of these challenges, but I will try. That is the important thing right? Trying?And with this trying, I am starting afresh with a clean blog. I've deleted all the other entries. A fresh start for a fresh new year.


So. Challenges. I am going to try these:


The TBR Double Dog Dare - For this challenge I can only read books in my TBR pile for the first three months of the year.


Around the World 2015 - For this challenge, I create a googlemap and I add the locations for every book I read. I think it will be interesting to see how worldly my reading is.


The Deal Me In Short Story Challenge - For this challenge, you pick 52 short stories and assign each to a playing card in a regular deck of cards. Then once a week you randomly draw a card and that is the story you read!


I think most of them might be doable, because none of them have a set amount of books to read. I am also thinking about participating in another one, but I don't know. Thinking. Maybe. Hmm.