Wool: The Graphic Novel

Wool: The Graphic Novel (Kindle Serial) - Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Hugh Howey, Jimmy Broxton

Title: Wool: the Graphic Novel
Author: Hugh Howey, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray
Illustrator: Jimmy Broxton
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If you just want a quick post apocalyptic read in comic format, then this your (graphic) novel. The artwork is well done, and there is a story within the pages. However, please take my (and other reviewer's) advice and read the novels first.

There is nothing wrong with Wool The Graphic Novel, but it is a VERY watered down six comic recap of the first FIVE NOVELS in the amazing Wool series by Hugh Howey. You do get a feel for the people living inside the silo individually, but I feel like some of what was missing was the interpersonal relationships between people. Also missing was some explanation as to how the silo actually ran, what roles people partook in. I remember thinking in the novels that the system ran really well, that everyone worked together. But I didn't get that same sense here.

There was a lot of stuff mentioned in passing that was never fully explained and I feel like there was an expectation of assumed prior knowledge, as if the author expected that people would have read the novels first. As a result, someone new to the Wool universe would have a hard time with this graphic novel.

That said, the artwork was well done, it was visually pleasing. Although, I must admit that the visuals on the page looked nothing like how I had imagined it all.

I'm giving the Graphic Novel 3 stars, as its a great introduction to the wool universe, but only if you don't mind spoiling yourself completely for the first series of novels!